Scott Engstrom, J.D.

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Scott Engstrom, J.D.

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Scott Engstrom, J.D.

Scott has been a part of the company since 2019. He began as Corporate Counsel before taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer. In his dual role, Scott wears several hats. As COO, he works closely with department heads and other team members, serving as a liaison to the executive team. His main priorities are to maintain smooth company operations and ensure services provided by outside groups are administered effectively and efficiently. As Corporate Counsel, Scott conducts legal research, drafts agreements, and provides support to other departments as needed. Whenever a problem arises, whether it relates to litigation, risk management, or compliance, Scott does what he can to resolve matters for everyone involved. He always aims to facilitate effective and clear communication and fill in the blanks when necessary to avoid misunderstandings.

Scott earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Minnesota and his Juris Doctor degree from Penn State Law. He has previous experience as a litigation attorney and judicial law clerk, which have enabled him to see issues before they arise. He is able to use this experience in the corporate context in order to anticipate, avoid, and mitigate any issues before they end up in a courtroom. His training as a lawyer has sharpened his oral and written communication skills as well as his ability to analyze complex problems quickly. Scott has law licenses in Wisconsin and Maryland (inactive).

When working in private practice, Scott drafted basic estate planning documents, such as wills and POAs, and litigated probate matters. This experience served as a solid foundation that prepared Scott to cement his industry knowledge at Krause. He sees a great need for elder law and appreciates the opportunity to help connect those in need to those who can help. Scott truly values being able to provide solutions that help people with limited means avoid depleting their life savings on a few years of long-term care.

Scott is passionate about helping the entire team perform at a high level and feel their best. When the company is running efficiently, he believes staff will be able to see the fruits of their labor more clearly and feel more fulfilled. Scott’s goal each day is to have a positive impact on the internal processes of the company. In doing so, he is able to utilize his communication and analytical skills as well as his compassion for others. Teamwork, empathy, accountability, candor, and honesty are just a few of the values that drive Scott in his job. He is incredibly grateful to have positive working relationships with the management team, even when changes present more of a challenge, and he is always looking for ways to show appreciation to the entire team.

In his free time, Scott enjoys playing, watching, and coaching hockey. He also likes to read, listen to podcasts, and go to the gym. Scott is married to his wife, Jamie, and they have a wonderful dog named Bartlet.