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Abby Frank

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Abby Frank, MBA

As the Creative Specialist, Abby designs and edits a variety of creative works, including web pages, videos, digital marketing materials, emails, guides, mailers, and brochures. She works with printers for physical design projects and communicates with the rest of the Marketing team to ensure they have the designs they need to complete their projects. Although every day is different for Abby, she is consistently bringing the company’s creative visions to life as well as attracting, informing, and educating clients through her designs.

Abby graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, and she earned her MBA in Marketing through the University of Wisconsin–Parkside. Her previous jobs have prepared her to think critically and creatively to quickly solve problems, and she has had many opportunities to enhance her technical skills. Abby has experience multitasking with multiple projects and creating designs for a variety of platforms.

In addition to her technical design skills, Abby is an independent worker who drives herself to improve. She is always striving to learn, grow, and produce quality work for the company. Abby enjoys every opportunity to create designs that are both visually appealing and functional, especially when they are being used to help others. Although she is self-driven, she also appreciates knowing her work is valuable and helpful to both the company and our clients. Abby is known for working quickly and efficiently and always aiming to produce quality work and positive results for the company.

Outside of work, Abby enjoys painting, watching Asian TV shows, and spending time with her boyfriend and two cats, Rai and Loki.