Integrating LTCI Into Your Client’s Estate Plan

May 21, 2024
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About This Webinar:

Estate planning and elder law attorneys are well aware of the financial and emotional toll long-term care takes on their clients. One way to combat this risk is through the purchase of long-term care insurance (LTCI).

LTCI is a versatile tool that can help clients bulletproof their estate plans; however, many attorneys are unfamiliar with how it works or how they can best incorporate it into their practice.

Join our Strategic Relations Director, Don Levin, J.D., MPA, CLF, CSA, LTCP, CLTC, as he explores LTCI from the attorney’s perspective. Don will cover:

  • Four key reasons why LTCI should be a component of your practice
  • Traditional vs. asset-based policies and policy considerations
  • How an LTCI policy fits with the estate plan

Don will also cover how to identify suitable clients for LTCI and how working with a specialist can benefit your practice.

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About the Presenter:
Don Levin, J.D., MPA, CLTC

Don Levin, J.D., MPA, CLTC

Strategic Relations Director

Don has over 20 years of experience developing and maximizing strategic relationships with attorneys and other business professionals. He practiced law for 13 years before shifting his career focus to Long-Term Care Insurance, where he recently served as President and CEO of USA-LTC and as Managing General Agent of PNW Insurance Services. Krause acquired USA-LTC in 2023.

Don holds a BA from the University of Illinois–Chicago, an MPA from the University of Oklahoma, and earned his J.D. from the John Marshall Law School. He holds his Certificate of Long-Term Care (CLTC) and is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Long-Term Care Professional (LTCP), and an American College Chartered Leadership Fellow (CLF). Originally from Chicago, Don now resides in Idaho.

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