Elder Law Debrief

July 25, 2024
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About This Webinar:

Join us for a rundown of the latest cases affecting the elder law field!

In this webinar, Jim Wolverton, J.D., Director of Legal Education, will outline and analyze cases that impact the industry, your practice, and your clients.

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About the Presenter:
Jim Wolverton, J.D.

Jim Wolverton, J.D.

Director of Legal Education

Jim is responsible for creating, curating, and promoting high-quality content related to the estate planning and elder law industry. Prior to joining Krause, Jim ran his own law firm and was the Director of Education at ElderCounsel, providing him with vital experience educating attorneys and helping them easily implement elder law tools into their practice. Jim is based in Denver and is a member of NAELA as well as the Colorado, Utah, and Florida Bar Associations.

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