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Krause Financial Terms and Conditions


Limited Use of Intellectual Property Content

The following Content, including all written materials, graphics, photographs, audio and/or video materials, and trademarks, is the exclusive property of Krause Financial Services, LLC and is protected under U.S. and international laws.  Nothing in this Content should be interpreted as granting a license or otherwise providing rights in the intellectual property contained therein.  By logging in to access this Content, the user acknowledges these rights of Krause Financial Services, LLC and the user agrees that it will use of this Content solely for non-commercial, educational purposes and shall not duplicate, distribute, or transfer any portion of the Content, nor make any derivative works thereof, without prior written permission from Krause Financial Services, LLC.


Practice Notice


Krause Financial does not provide legal advice. The Content provided on this website, including any strategies, plans, or products, may not be appropriate in every case. Krause Financial Services makes no representation and no inference should be drawn that any of the strategies, plans, or products have been reviewed or approved by any state or federal governmental office, entity, or official. Prior to the use or implementation of any strategy, plan, or product referenced on this website, Krause Financial Services recommends consulting an elder law attorney licensed in your jurisdiction due to the complexity and interrelationship of various areas of law, including the Internal Revenue Service Code, Medicaid, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and their state equivalent(s). Krause Financial does not guarantee that the use of any strategy, plan, or product identified on this website will result in eligibility for any financial assistance program.

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The definition of the Unauthorized Practice of Law (“UPL”) varies from state to state. UPL can generally be understood as a non-attorney providing legal advice to a client in exchange for payment. “Legal advice” can generally be defined as a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a client’s circumstance. Legal advice can be distinguished from legal information, which is a simple statement of what the law is and says. Legal information is provided without application of the law to a set of circumstances or serving as a basis for recommending a particular action. While a non-attorney cannot provide legal advice, they can provide legal information.


As explained in the “Practice Notice” on this page, Krause Financial does not provide legal advice. Instead, Krause Financial provides licensed Attorneys with valuable planning services that inform the Attorney’s own independent legal analyses and conclusions.