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About the White Paper

In crisis planning situations, an existing annuity can spell trouble for your client. But it doesn’t have to derail their plan. Find out how tax-deferred and immediate annuities are treated for Medicaid purposes, and learn how you can help clients deal with non-compliant annuities while accelerating their eligibility for benefits.
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Annuities are very common amongst seniors. Many older adults use annuities to invest for the future and plan for the finances they will need in retirement. Therefore, you will likely come across clients who own existing annuities who are looking to accelerate their Medicaid eligibility. Find out how to help with this essential guide!

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What’s Inside?

  • What makes an annuity Medicaid compliant
  • How Medicaid treats tax-deferred and immediate annuities
  • Options for handling these annuities in crisis planning
  • Our complimentary annuity valuation service
  • How we help evaluate and sell your client’s annuity
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