Non-Medicaid SPIA

Single premium immediate annuities can provide value outside of traditional Medicaid Compliant Annuities when planning for long-term care. Learn how a non-Medicaid annuity can help.

A non-Medicaid single premium immediate annuity is a contract funded with a lump sum that begins making payments immediately for a fixed term, but it does not comply with Medicaid’s restrictions. This type of annuity can be used to fund a Personal Services Contract (PSK) in Florida.

When to Consider a Non-Medicaid SPIA

A non-Medicaid SPIA can be used in a variety of situations, including crisis planning scenarios in Florida. This product is deal for clients who:

  • Are seeking Medicaid eligibility in Florida
  • Are funding a Personal Services Contract (PSK) in Florida
  • Need an immediate annuity without Medicaid eligibility in mind

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