Why Use Long-Term Care Insurance?

Enhance Your Client's Estate Plan

Estate planning and elder law attorneys like you aim to give your clients to best experience. When your clients feel you’ve gone the extra mile for them, they leave your office satisfied and ready to refer their friends and family. Plus, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your due diligence in providing your client options to protect their financial future.

Expand Your Offerings

We can assist you with the entire process of finding and securing an appropriate long-term care insurance plan for your clients. We partner with a team of long-term care insurance specialists who can help you and your clients from start to finish. The specialist acts as an extension of your practice, providing the support needed to make long-term care insurance a key part of your offerings.

Conversation starters can include:

  • The risk of long-term care impacting your life and family is high. For this reason, I recommend that you meet with an advocate on my team that specializes in this form of coverage.
  • Because long-term care is impacting more and more of our clients, we are asking each of you to address whether or not you have a plan for handling this potentially devastating life event.
  • I believe a long-term care insurance policy would be an excellent addition to your estate plan and help ensure your assets are protected for the future.

Why LTCI is Crucial to Your Practice

Everyone purchases insurance for one reason: to mitigate risk. The risk of long-term care is tremendous and not having a plan often has a devastating impact on clients. As an attorney, you are in the best position to bring awareness and education of the options available to them.

Discover education, resources, and tools designed for legal professionals in the estate planning and elder law industry.

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Let’s Work Together

If you’re new to Krause or you aren’t sure where to begin, schedule a call with one of our specialists. We’ll discuss how our products, services, and resources can help you streamline long-term care planning in your practice.

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Our LTCI Process

Discover our long-term care insurance process for estate planning clients looking to plan for future care.

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